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We are pleased to have you as one of our members.

MIFADELO global foundation is an international membership, non- profit making and Volunteering organization with head office in the United Kingdom. We work with various organizations, other agencies and volunteers all over the world for poverty alleviation, ethnic and religious harmony, dispute resolution and reconciliation, wellness and healthcare.

We welcome new members, partners, donors, sponsors, private individuals, businesses companies, other organizations and Agencies who are willing to promote our cause for the benefit of communities and general public. But they must be of good character, law abiding citizens with fear of God.

Our members are to work as either

1. Healthcare workers,

2. Religious workers or

3. Legal and humanitarian aid workers.

Health care voluntary members: Our health care volunteers will join our other members in supporting the health sector by assisting the sick and vulnerable people in the communities, hospitals, care homes, day care centres. They are to create wellness and health care awareness, seminars, workshops and providing health care equipments and supplies. They are to work with us in their countries for at least six months before upgrading to our international volunteering membership and be working with us abroad. This will enable us to know them very well before sending them out to other countries.

Religious voluntary members: They join our other members to bring unity among various religious groups, unity people and teach them about sameness, oneness, peace, love and respect to God the creator. Also, they are to uphold our ministries and join other groups to organize training, seminars, workshops, conferences and meetings. Also, they can upgrade to our international membership after six months of working with us to go for our mission and religious work abroad.

Legal/Humanitarian aid voluntary members: These groups are for dispute resolution, arbitration and reconciliation, humanitarian aids and poverty alleviation. They settle disputes among various ethnic groups and families by uniting the communities, supporting the children and victims of domestic violence. They provide food, clothing and shelter for the masses by making food available for the poor and to the public at reduced prices. Also, help the needy, the homeless people and the refugees by providing accommodations, food and clothing for them. Furthermore, they support the orphanage homes and prisons. They can also upgrade to our international membership after working with us for six months and can work with us abroad


The benefits of becoming our member

· Free the ID cards,

· Free membership and training certificates.

· Various Job opportunities

· Opportunity to travel and study abroad

· Opportunity to travel and know places

· Meeting eminent personalities

· Meeting people from various backgrounds

· Learning various cultures

· Other incentives

The registration can be done online on our website, through email or at any of our various offices and the volunteers can work on-site at any of our offices and online from wherever they are if they are not staying close to any of our offices.

We pay our volunteers for their good works. But the payment is according to the nature of their jobs. There is a basic salary for those working onsite in any of our offices or with our partners, 10% commission for those working online and we pay per calendar month.

Our membership is of grading and s follows

· Volunteers and student membership: £20 per year

· Part time membership: £50 per year

· Full time membership: £100 per year

· Executive members and trustees£300 per year

· International membership £500 per year.

People are free to pay more if they like as these fees are for administrative purposes. It enable us to pay salaries, maintain our offices and other administrative needs .This is because we are a non- profit making organization.

What you can now do:

You can now reply to this message, call any of our offices requesting for registration forms to complete and start work or go to any of our offices to complete and book in for work.


2. That it is not compulsory for people to volunteer or help their charity and community with their skill, money and so on.

3. That though volunteers are not supposed to be paid, we are paying our volunteers to encourage them of good works they are doing in their various communities

4. That our appointment is on the bases of first come first serve

Our stages of registration and travels.

ROYAL MIFADELO GLOBAL FOUNDATION offers support while you plan your trip and during your travel and when you reach your destination. We are available to provide assistance whenever there is need for us to do so.

Step 1: Choose your Destination and Project the project you can do very well

Check our Projects and Destinations. Decide what interests you or where in the world you would like to travel to, contact us on info@royalmifadelofoundation.orgif you have any question, late us know the date you join us as you have minimum of six months to work with us first in your country before working with us abroad. This is to enable us to know you well and for you to understand how we work. Because you will be expected to work without supervision where ever we will post you

Step 2: Apply

Complete our application form on our website or request for the form through our central email address, complete the application form and return it with your membership’s fee. Initial %50 deposit is allowed if you cannot afford to pay the fee at once. This is part of the administrative cost for processing your form. We will acknowledge the receipt of your application and payment by email, and send you your appointment letter, membership and membership ID for you to start working. You will then join our social media group (face book, istergram and twitter) page


Step 3: Confirmation

We will confirm your place of work and send you an Information Pack to prepare you for your time away. This includes further information about the organisation, the project, and a to-do checklist; travel insurance information, a contact list, visa and vaccination information, a packing list, information about the country you are going to and load of other information.

Step 4: Start planning your travel you will book your flight, bus or train!

§ Visit your travel Doctor to arrange any vaccinations you require.

§ Obtain your visa.

§ Secure a comprehensive travel and medical policy.

§ You will check your membership registration for any outstanding information we may require.

Note that: This is AN EASY and ENJOYING PROJECT that can change your life for better


MIFADELO global team

London United Kingdom



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