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Advancement of  Religion, Law and Health

ROYAL MIFADELO GLOBAL FOUNDATION is a UK registered and in-cooperated membership  and voluntary (NGO) with the registration number:11574147. 

We   support the government for the benefit of the communities and the general public.We are cooperative in nature. And can work with any individual, business, agency and other organization for the advancement of Religion, Law and Health.

Our mission is for peace, unity,good health and better life. And our vision is to unit all religion and ethnic groups, to settle disputes and  reconcile people for peace, to support the sick, the vulnerable people and the healthcare system. Also, to help the the less privileged in our communities.

We are membership organization and our membership include: 

  • Healthcare workers,

  • Religious workers ,

  • Volunteers,

  • Legal and humanitarian aid workers.


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Legal and humanitarian aid

Our aim is  to bring peace among people, to stop abuse and crime. We support victims of domestic violence, the crime victims,  the refugees  and the asylum seekers with legal advise,legal and humanitarian aid, courts and tribunal assistance, mediation,arbitration and reconciliation.
And we support the homeless people and the less privileged with shelter, food and clothing. All these we do through the support of our members, our partners and through donations.