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Legal and Humanitarian aid

Our aim is  to support the legal sector and the the various people in the society.

We provide free and early legal advice to resolve issues quickly and avoid court room proceedings .Also, help the vulnerable people to resolve issues and support more people in their legal issues.

We also offer free legal advice and support services for those facing welfare, housing debt or family issue. We help them to tackle their problems before they reach court. We also offer free legal representation to people whose cases require action in the courts.

And we are providing free legal advice to help people that are in need and help them to address their social welfare issues. Also sustain and improve access to early social welfare and family legal advice. And people in need should be able to access advice and help as soon as an issue arises.

Our specialist legal support and advice can be face to face, by telephone, email or online, to help deal with problems before they escalate or to support those who need to appear in court. And our legal advice teams offers early intervention and provides legal advice and support, as well as representation in court where appropriate. And our specialist casework where court or tribunal proceedings are needed to help people navigate the process effectively.

Also, young family teetering on the edge of eviction can get the help they need before ending up in the court room, faced with the prospect of a costly legal bill. And those facing debt problems can benefit from vital early advice to help prevent problems . Our early intervention makes a huge difference in preventing legal problems from snowballing, saving people time, money and stress.

We also support victims of domestic violence, the crime victims,  the refugees  and the asylum seekers with legal advice,legal and humanitarian aid, courts and tribunal assistance, mediation,arbitration and reconciliation.

And we support the homeless people and the less privileged with shelter, food and clothing. All these we do through the support of our members, our partners and through donations.

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