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Improving the Lives of Many

At ROYAL MIFADELO GLOBAL FOUNDATION, we’re raising funds and promoting initiatives to help those who need it most. With an array of fundraising events and volunteer projects, we welcome you to join our endeavours aimed at making the world a better place. Read on and contact us to learn how you can become part of the change.

Three Ways to Prevent Child Malnutrition.

Child malnutrition is both a global and deadly disease. It is defined as either excess or insufficient intake of essential nutrients, and sometimes, imbalance intake. This is often caused by poverty, or ignorance.

Sadly, the result is weight loss, prolonged or frequent illness in children, and often times, death. Unfortunately, it is on the high rise in some parts of the world. Most especially in Africa.

But the question remains, can child malnutrition be prevented? The answer is yes, fortunately. And these are the 3 easy ways to ensure your child gets all the nutrients they need each day.

1. Start slowly

As mentioned above, nutritional deficiencies can cause your child serious health problems, including death.A good start is to introduce a diet of real food, not buying more processed foods. Start by reducing portion sizes and not eating foods that are processed, carry little to no nutrients.

But don’t stop there. You should also promote the consumption of healthy, nutrient-dense foods. To boost the effect, consider adding more fruit and vegetables to your child’s diet.

 List of healthy quick  responders that you can use as a guide. They are commonly foun, and are often affordable.

Fish: cod liver oil, salmon and mackerel

Flour: whole grains, bread and pasta

Vegetables: spinach and Brussels sprouts

Toiletries and personal care: bar soap and water, e.t.c

2. Read Labels.

Good nutrition is not just about buying any food or eating whatever happens to be in the fridge. It’s also about learning how to read labels. 

One reason many people don’t get the nutrients they need is that the foods they eat are often processed. That is packaged, canned or bogus food products. 

3. Meet your child’s needs

Assuming you’re starting slowly and gradually, you should meet your child where they are first. This may mean adjusting your goals based on your child’s age.

While you should aim to ensure your child gets all the nutrients they need, you shouldn’t aim to give them more than the recommended amount of nutrients.

Doing so would be like trying to fill a bucket with shoppers to excess. Instead, you should aim to provide the right balance of nutrients. Too much of some and not enough of others. This is how you can ensure the health of your child’s skin, hair and overall well-being.

By following through the above tips, your child(ren) stand (s) a greater chance of escaping the deadly world and effect of malnutrition.

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