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ROYAL MIFADELO GLOBAL FOUNDATION is a UK registered and in-cooperated membership  and voluntary (NGO) with the registration number:11574147. 

We   support the government for the benefit of the communities and the general public.We are cooperative in nature. And can work with any individual, business, agency and other organization for the advancement of Religion, Law and Health.

Our mission is for peace, unity,good health and better life. And our vision is to unit all religion and ethnic groups, to settle disputes and  reconcile people for peace, to support the sick, the vulnerable people and the healthcare system. Also, to help the the less privileged in our communities.

We are membership organization and our membership include: 

  • Healthcare workers,

  • Religious workers ,

  • Volunteers,

  • Legal and humanitarian aid workers.

We rely primarily on like minded people as volunteers  and members that can join us to promote our cause.
However, we run budgets of up to billions of dollars each year through various funding sources which include private donations, partners and membership dues.


Clapping Audience

Champion the Cause

Your support is crucial  for our activities, events and programs.Together we will be able to support the religious  . Get in touch now to start making great contributions in the world through your membership.


First Time Membership

Keep On Giving

Throughout the years royal mifadelo global foundation has been able to continue promoting health system, the sick and the vulnerable people through the kind and generous donations from our like minded people and partners.  join us in doing this good work. Your help will help us to promote our cause. Together we can make a difference!
We support the healthcare industry, Hospitals,care homes,day care centers ,vulnerable people in their homes.
And we provide healthcare and support medical facilities for various communities .Also, conduct healthcare training and wellness activities in our care centers.


Team Discussion

Accomplish Great Things

For those who want to get familiar with how we work, this is a great way to cover all the bases. Your support will move mountains for those suffering domestic violence, abuse,crime, the refuges and asylum seekers. Contact us today to learn what becoming a member really means.

Membership: Membership
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