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Improving the Lives of Many

Are you passionate about supporting the communities and the general public?

The health , religion, legal  and humanitarian aid workers  contributes a lot to the health and legal sectors, peace and unity, support and the growth of every economy .we are looking for paid volunteering members to promote our cause

As MIFADELO global volunteering member and supporter, you can support your community through local networking, identify opportunities for our services. And working with our other members as a team providing health care and support services, promoting peace in the families and communities through religion and legal services, and supporting the needy through humanitarian aid.

Our mission is to be the best membership and non-governmental charitable organization that supports the communities and the general public. We aim at providing a high level of comfort and support to people at their home, in care homes, day care centers and hospitals.

We train our volunteering members and supporters to become part of our team that supports the communities and the public. They introduce our services to their families, friends, and relations, to their communities and to the public. By helping them to live well, live in peace, live in unity, live happily and by providing their needs.

To become our volunteering member, you will have a desire and willingness to support your community and to the general public.

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