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Dispute is a disagreement or argument between two or more people. By virtue of nature our views are not the same because we have different mentalities, point of views, experiences and different attachments towards certain matters. Disputes are inevitable in the society. Dispute is caused by lack of communication, misunderstanding, lack of appreciation and respect, interference by evil minded third party, change of economic circumstances et cetera.

Resolution is the act of discerning data to perceive differences and find solutions to issues that affect us. When there is disagreement it is because understanding is lacking, the ability to resolve issues peacefully and timely will help to prevent unnecessary loss of lives and property.

Dispute resolution is an attempt to usher in understanding between people or groups who are at loggerheads with the aim of highlighting differences and to create an enabling environment for reconsideration of ideas to peacefully resolve disputes in the society. Dispute resolution is a potent weapon that will help maintain balance so society does not tilt and fall into chaos thereby saving precious lives and property.

Dispute resolution techniques include;

· Mediation

This is the act of intervening for the purpose of bringing about a settlement. This method is used by charismatic people in the society who earn respect through exemplary ways of life.

· Negotiation:

This is the act of achieving agreement through dialogue, it has to do with “let’s talk it out not fight it out”. All grievances will be aired, noted, looked into and resolutions proffered peacefully.

· Arbitration:

This is the process through which two or more parties use an arbitrator (someone whom is given authority to settle or judge a dispute) in order to maintain law and order within citizens of a community.

· Reconciliation:

This is the reestablishment of friendly relations by mutual understanding and detesting the very idea of violence in our relationship with others.

There must be disagreements and disputes in the society, we disagree to agree but it is also imperative to not resolve to violence as the only option. However, other ways to resolve disputes is as follows;

· Learn to respect limitations,

· Compromising,

· Collaborating,

· Think opportunistically not punitively,

· Tolerance,

· Constructive criticism,

· Offer expert guidance not solutions.

We all want to live in a society filled with love and harmony similar to the heavenly paradise we envisage. It is up to us to choose peace and progress instead of death and destruction. We will grow as a people led by love and understanding to make the world a tolerable place to live and thrive in. Let love, kindness, and humanness rule over us so we become reflections of an ideal citizen. May the Almighty bless you as you work towards peace and unity.


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