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We are one of the approved sponsor company by the United Kingdom government (UK immigration home Office) we have right to issue a ‘certificate of sponsorship to any eligible candidate after our assessment’. People are free to join as our member and have right to apply for skilled worker job, T2 minister of religion, religious work or charity work

Search for us on: UK government register of licensed sponsors: workers

Or UK Visas and Immigration register of Worker and Temporary Worker licensed sponsors (number: 42567, 42568 and 42569)

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We are pleased to have you as one of our members.

MIFADELO global foundation is an international membership, non- profit making and Volunteering organization with head office in the United Kingdom. We work with various organizations, other agencies and volunteers all over the world for poverty alleviation, ethnic and religious harmony, dispute resolution and reconciliation, wellness and healthcare.

We welcome new members, partners, donors, sponsors, private individuals, businesses companies, other organizations and Agencies who are willing to promote our cause for the benefit of communities and general public. But they must be of good character, law abiding citizens with fear of God.

Our members are to work as either

1. Healthcare workers,

The change we desire will come through these stages:

•Mental revolution; we have to break the chains of modern day slavery, tribe and religion. See ourselves if not like Nigerians perhaps as black people.

•Soci-cultural revolution which will involve restructuring the society, social groups, families and individals. We have to change the habit of looking for toothpicks in the eyes of others while we have shrubs in ours. The emphasis for us to change our ways cannot be over emphasised.

•After the above the need for a true political system that fits us as a people will come naturally.

•Only then can we have economic freedom to excel and go beyond borders.

You and I know that all I have said is possible, the thing is where do we really start from because the change starts with the "Man in The Mirror "?


Welcome to the group! You can connect with other members, ge...
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