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Inferiority complex is a sense or feeling that one is inferior to others in certain aspects. When one feels this way it makes the person feel uncomfortable with themselves. They keep to themselves and it bottles up their potentials and opinions.

When people are talking even if they have something to say they feel left out and unable to express themselves. They look to others as kings thereby looking down on themselves as slaves. That is why they are always picked on by people they can do better than. Getting picked on can lead to bullying. Bullying will lead to fear and fear is one of the biggest obstacle that prevents us from achieving our goals.

Feeling inferior is a human trait from time to time. Symptoms of inferiority complex include shutting down out of shame, guilt, or an inward sense of defeat. Constant withdrawal from people, repetitive focus on thoughts that were bitter or upsetting. They tend to be extremely sensitive to compliments or criticism, they feel responsible for other people's shortcomings and they sometimes have anxiety disorder.

Inferiority complex can be treated via positive health, build self confidence, stop comparing yourself to anyone else, be proud of who you are and what you stand for, surround yourself with positive minded people, avoid people who makes you feel bad about yourself, you have to make peace with your past and most of all remember that no human is perfect we all have our faults, you owe yourself all the love you can give.

When you are sure of what you have to say or do, learn to be bold and speak out to be understood for you owe nobody any explanation for being who you are. People out there love you for who you are, you just have to find the right company that will bring out the best in you.


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