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We did not ask to be in this world we just woke up and became conscious of our environment. This incidence has raised questions like;

• Why am I in this world?

• What is my purpose in this world?

• What is the ultimate goal of life?

Humans are dynamic by nature so opinions differ. However, I am in this world to fulfill the purpose the Almighty put me in this world to do. Knowing what you came to earth to do is finding your purpose.

My purpose is to help people grow in light and love, teach them to find themselves and be inspired by their potentials that remains locked up till they find their self. Ironically not everyone wants to help themselves so I don’t get caught up in the mix.

The ultimate goal of life is to live and die well. It doesn’t matter your race, age, creed, status quo or sexuality we are all humans and we all have a date with the Grim Ripper. When you are gone what you will be remembered for is up to you.

I am motivated each day to be a better person first for myself then to others who need my help. No man is an island and the very thought of my responsibilities encourages and motivates me to do good as I wake up each day. Ask yourself WHAT MOTIVATES YOU?


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