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Community service is the unpaid work done by individuals or group for the betterment of their society. A community that comes together to make there environment healthy and livable is a happy society. Community service includes activities like clearing and creating roads, cleaning of gutters, clearing of grass in strategic areas, caring for the needy, creating awareness towards the needs of the people et cetera.

In Nigeria we don't have that habit of community service. It is mostly by sanction that people are compelled to do community service. This is bad as we always want things done for us, what happened to selflessness?

I remember during the Military Regime we had Sanitation Exercises every first Saturday of the month where residents are restricted from moving, instead they are to engage in useful activities like cleaning their environment. What happened to this culture? We are so caught up in our quest to make money that we forget to give back to society.

I urge you to be useful ambassadors in your various communities. As a volunteer you have taken a bold step as you are ready to serve. Volunteering entails groups or individuals giving time to engage themselves in community service.

Together we can make a difference via Volunteering and Royal Mifadelo Global Foundation is here to lend a helping hand, together we will make the world a better place for you and for me. Be the change you desire in the society.


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