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Religion is an organised set of belief in a deity, it has defined rituals, rules and regulations, and is believed to be sanctioned by God Almighty. Around the world we have hundreds of religion having different names attached to their Gods and religious practices. Nigeria is a highly religious country but one will ask why there is so much hatred and wickedness. All religions preach peace and coexistence yet we have enough religions to make us hate ourselves but not enough to make us come together in love and unity like football does. The African Traditional Religion, Christianity and Islam are the predominant religions in Nigeria. We are so fanatical in our quest to defend our religion that it is now a plague to us rather than a blessing. This is because we do not tolerate and respect our differences. Going on religious lines, Northern Nigeria is predominantly Muslim while the South is predominantly Christian. Tracing how these religions came to be will open our eyes. The 1804 Jihad by Usman Dan Fodio swiftly swept the North introducing Islam and led to the establishment of the Fulani led Sokoto Caliphate which exists till date. The 1841 missionary expedition led by Samuel Ajayi Crowther cemented the Christian faith in Nigeria. It swept through the South towards the hinterland. However, the two religions coming from opposite ends of the country met in the Middle Belt which has become a melting pot. There is a tussle for the Jihadists intended to spread their religion down to the Atlantic Ocean but were halted in the Middle Belt by the Christian Missionaries who also intended to Christianize the Northern part of the country. Here we are with two foreign religions we have taken in hook line and sinker and are ready to die for its course. The two of the Abrahamic religions are now at loggerheads and the country is the battle field which bleeds because of the numerous unwarranted killing of innocent people. This is not the time to claim which one is the true religion because as far as I can tell, GODS HAS NO RELIGION so why do we kill ourselves over things we barely understand? Saudi Arabia and Rome flourishes while we perish, how do we connect the dots? We need to understand our differences and realize that Islam and Christianity are Abrahamic birds of a feather which flock together. Judaism, Christianity and Islam are the trinitarian Abrahamic Revealed religions who share the same patriarch Abraham. So is this what Abraham intended for his children? We need to grow up and learn to tolerate one another in spite of our differences if we want to survive as a people. We move around with mouths full of scriptures and a heart full of hate, who do we think we are deceiving? We are the collateral damage and the victims also, at least make we use our head abeg. This religious sentiments have divided the country into two parts that are armed to the teeth ready to devour each other in other to show case whose God is real and fake. A wise man once told me "God fights all your battles" but if you have to fight for your God then the genuity of your God is questionable. Make we try get sense so we can grow past petty sentiments and break artificial boundaries that we have erected and look to the bright side. We will achieve better if we work together. This is a time to extend love, to share, to show empathy, to live as one, to realize that we are all humans and as humans we have limitations to how well we understand Mother Nature and her doings. Before you claim to know God how well do you know yourself? How well do you understand the working module of nature? How well do you even understand your immediate environment much less an entity you say anthropomorphic fallacies about just to hide your ignorance and blinded ego? This life no balance at all. If you cut me I bleed red blood, show me anyone who bleeds another color. It is time to Let love lead the way so we can learn to tolerate and understand ourselves for that is the only way forward. As you ponder on this i pray that the Almighty opens your heart with wisdom so we can learn to tolerate and love one another. I love you all and please stay safe.


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