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Social Vices are those bad habits that we exhibit in our daily lives. We are all good, bad and ugly but maintaining the balance is an issue. There is no clear defining line for morality as what is acceptable in one community is a taboo in another. However, below are the seven vices that is regarded as the mother of all sins;

Lust: This is a strong feeling, especially a desire driven by sexual arousal. It is the major reason for infidelity in relationships and marriages. We are sexually active by default but learning how to control our sexual desires is another thing entirely.

Gluttony: This has to do with excessive eating. Sometimes we are full to the brim but the availability of what to eat consistently gives us the urge to keep on eating. Some have more than they need to eat while some beg just to eat. This life no balance at all.

Greed: This is the excessive or selfish desire for more than is needed or desired especially for money, food or other possessions. This is the genesis of our situation in Nigeria. We tend to accumulate more than what is needed and keep it even if it rots. Because of this attitude scarce resources are made even more scarce especially for those who have little to live on.

Sloth: This is laziness or slowness in the mindset and a disinclination to work and be useful. Some were given everything they need to survive without sweating while some are working hard to make ends meet. And some have nothing but are too lazy to work and this is a big problem to humans.

Wrath: This can be referred to as great anger. It is good to be angry but it is bad to stay angry. While we are angry the inhumane part of us gets the better part of our existence. While in this state we do things we would ordinarily not do, when that anger waves off the next thing to do is regret. Anger management is key.

Envy: This is the resentful desire of something possessed by another. We are not the same so there must be differences. One must not necessarily possess material things to be envied, sometimes your personality threatens people and they just hate you for that. We live in a society whereby you can attract hate just for being who you are.

Pride: This is the unreasonable overstatement of ones superiority in talent, beauty, wealth, or rank. It manifests as a contempt to others. We raise our shoulders higher than they should be and this might make your helpers feel they need help from you. Humble yourself so the Almighty will uplift you.

We are not perfect, we all have flaws by nature but the ability to balance it in a health manner is vital. There you have it, what more can I say "me ma i get my own 4 bodi". Together we will grow and flourish if we learn to control our emotions and have a clean open mind towards life and ourselves. May the Almighty bless and guide you all as you walk through the shadows of darkness.


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