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WORDS THAT MATTER Words tear through flesh easily that we need to be mindful of things we say to ourselves. Life can be hard and difficult we need reasons to smile and few of these words that can make you smile are;

I am sorry: It takes maturity to own up to your responsibilities and a humble heart to know when you're wrong and apologise. Saying sorry can stop the drama like snapping your fingers.

Thank you: We need to appreciate what is given to us for we came with nothing and we're going with nothing. Because you're privileged doesn't make you superior. Appreciate and say Thank you.

You're Beautiful: Beauty they say lies in the eyes of the beholder, beauty is attractive, it is pure, unblemished and when appreciated it makes it even better. Say it often and put smiles on faces to ease the stress.

Please: When you say please it doesn't mean you are begging you are only being nice. It shows that you have manners and are cultured. Say it when necessary, don't let pride get the better part of you.

I Love You: Love is the driving force of nature, it is natural and phenomenal. When you don't know why you love something it truly is love. Love is not I love you because you do or say this or that, it is love because deep within your soul you feel a connection that is unexplainable and you like it because it is real. Tell your loved ones you love them to appreciate them and reassure them that they are always welcome.

You don't need a reason to be nice, be nice and give a helping hand when you are able to. Together we are a formidable team that will change the society positively. Stay Safe and let positivity lead the way.


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