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Poverty is a big issue in Nigeria today. The inability to get access to already scarce resources is made worse by greed. About 80% Nigerians live below a dollar a day which is bad for the nation building process. We cannot develop as a people when all we think about is how to eat. It is the same as living like a squirrel whose only problem is nuts.

Causes of poverty include; inadequate economic infrastructure, poor access to education, healthcare services, little or no job opportunities, conflict, inequality, poor implementation of government policies, corruption, and laziness.

The effect is a people who are unproductive to themselves and the society, increase in crime rate, malnutrition and sickness, poverty of the mind, food insecurity, mediocrity, stagnation and underdevelopment.

Poverty can be reduced with skill acquisition programmes to empower ourselves, diversification of the economy, tackle concentrated poverty, job creation initiatives, education, eliminating gender inequality, donate, a call to action create awareness of the dangers of poverty and encourage people to be self motivated, and working with Charity organisations like Royal Mifadelo Global Foundation.

We at Royal Mifadelo are committed to play our part to eliminate poverty and improve the utilization of human resources through volunteering and rendering services to the people. Together we will do better and the Almighty will help our efforts.


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