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Put your hands on your chest and say NO to, Rape Cheating Bullying Hate Religious Fanatism Tribal Sentiments Laziness Jealousy Gossip Envy Inferiority complex Violence Sexism Gender Discrimination Corruption Greed Stubborness Dirtiness Ego Unlawful behaviour.

You can say YES to; Hard work Consistency Helping Others Volunteering Tolerance Humanity Tribal Unity Gender Equity Discipline Education Prayer Open mindedness Learning Humility ONENESS SAMENESS Love Care Hope Freedom

Life can be easy if only we try to do what is right, remember it is in our minds that we stay limited. We are all winners only at different levels, a tree cannot make a forest so let us tied that lose rope so the broom will sweep better. We are a great people.

Don't be afraid to be weak don't be proud to be strong ~ Enigma


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