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Charity is the Voluntary giving of money, goods or services to those in need. It is one of the pivotal virtues of life, we are not equals and it is only reasonable that you share what you have with loved ones and those in dire need.

A charity organisation is an establishment that provides help and raises money for those in need. An example of a charity organisation is Royal Mifadelo Global Foundation.

There are types of charities which include but not restricted to the following;

• Education Charities: This form of charity involves subsidising educational programs, grants and scholarships for the general population to go to school and study to the desired level. EDUCATION is the ONLY SOLUTION to the problems of Nigeria.

• Health Charities: It entails rendering health services to the sick and disable. It also involves conducting medical researchs, organising workshops, sensitisation programs and seminars to train practitioners and enlighten the people on issues like the need for good hygiene and proper health practices.

• Environmental Charities: It entails the encouragement of greener energy sources, environmental preservation, sustenance and development. It aims at curbing activities that enhance green house effect that causes global warming.

• Animal Charities: Not only humans have feelings and Animal Lives Matter too, those who are interested in protecting and conserving the lives of animals do this through charity organisations that are designed for that purpose.

• Arts and Culture Charities: These are organisations that aim at preserving the cultural integrity of a group of people, they include Museums, Art galleries and Historical Societies. They also agitate for the return of stolen cultural artifacts.

• International NGO: These are organisations with headquarters in one country with branches in other countries. Based on the agenda of the organisation they render Services that are important for the wellbeing of the people.

The driving force of all charities is the desire to give and make a change in our communities. We rely on God for everything but we fail to remember that God works through people who are ready vessels to be used. The secret to recieve is to give, as Lucky Dube put it "blessed is the hands that giveth than the one that taketh"

Help one another and with our hands joined together we will move mountains. Let's not build another tower of Babel.


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