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Drug Abuse is the intake of medication without a doctor's prescription, the misuse of drugs and self medication. The misuse of drugs is very common in our communities, unfortunately most of our youths are ardent users of controlled substances.

This has greatly affected their performance in the needed areas. We don't even know our rights how can we fight for it? The desire to get high and feel alright temporarily is paramount and every other thing is irrelevant. No plans to be useful or self sufficient, the most important thing is to have enough to afford the next dosage. Look what we have done to ourselves.

The issue of drug abuse can be reduced if we sensitise ourselves about the psychological and physical side effects of consistent useage, stretch out our hands to those who are victims and give them a chance to recover and get back on their feet, be mindful of peer pressure.

Be disciplined and focused if you're determined to become a better person for there is another chance of redemption. Think smart act smart, you are a great person don't let drug abuse get the best of you.


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