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Education is the bedrock of civilization. It teaches people new skills, open up their minds and eyes to percieve new ideas that will be used to improve living standards and make work done easily. Ignorance is a pandemic worse than HIV and COVID 19 combined. It keeps people in the dark like the dark ages, unable to grow mentally and intellectually. If our mental state of mind is mediocre then our productivity remains below average. The plague of mediocrity powered by Ignorance is the major problem that keeps our country underdeveloped. We need to empower ourselves especially our youths with the right tools to succeed and prepare them to be worthy contenders in the global world that is moving with the speed of light while we backslide like Michael Jackson into the abyss of underdevelopment. Home school your children and teach them to love, teach them manners, teach them to have an open mind so they can contend and understand new ideas for this is the only way we can succeed as a people. We are the leaders of today and the time to act is NOW. Play your part and let the Almighty do the rest.


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