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Malaria is a killer disease that has taken the lives of millions especially in Sub-Saharan African and still claiming lives. The disease is carried by the female Anopheles Mosquito and injected into the blood stream while it bites its unlucky victims.

Mosquitoes breed in unclean places like stagnant water, bushy areas and water clogged areas. They love dirty environments and throw parties alot in your garbage.

People infected with Malaria show signs like fever, chills (especially at night), headache, loss of appetite, fast heart rate, and bitterness in the tongue. When you see these signs please rush to the nearest health practitioner for advice.

This killer disease can be prevented by using mosquito treated nets, keeping your environment clean, using insecticides, avoid clogging of water in your environment.

Prevention is better than cure, health is wealth. A healthy body houses a healthy mind so please take care of yourselves and stay healthy.

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