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Universal health care is essential to the well-being of any nation. In Nigeria, infant mortality rate is high, certain medical procedures are out of reach due to inadequate health facilities, and diseases like Malaria and Hepatitis B are having an open season. The implication is illness that could have been easily avoided become something terrible to reckon with. Inaccurate diagnosis, medical errors from Doctors who are money oriented instead of moved by the desire to save valuable lives is becoming a norm. With the recent scourge of COVID-19 the entire health system has been brought to its knees. Access to basic social amenities is a luxury, the body is sick and it is said that a healthy body houses a healthy mind.

Humanitarian efforts will help alleviate this crisis for the government alone cannot do it all. We need to reach out to our communities and teach them how to maintain a clean and healthy environment. Thumbs up to our medical practitioners who have put their lives at risk in the line of duty to keep us healthy, your reward comes from the Almighty.

There is need to gather more data and work towards providing improved access to medical facilities. We need to reach out to other organizations to come to our aid so we can join hands and fight for the health of our nation. Together we are greater and with your efforts we will make that change we so desire. Make a change through volunteering.

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